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Top 10 Best Betta Fish Tank Mates

by Kripa Pokharel 31 May 2024 0 Comments

I remember when I got my first betta, the people at the pet store warned…

"These are Siamese fighting fish - they'll kill anything you put in the tank with them!"

So I was always scared to add any other fish, so my bettas just stayed alone. 


But the truth is, you CAN have perfect tank mates for bettas. 

Just not any fish will work.

Discover the Ultimate Top 10 List of Ideal Betta Companions:

1. Cardinal Tetras 

Let's be honest, what fish doesn't go well with cardinals? 

Their tiny size and brilliant colors are perfect tankmates as long as they…

Can't fit in the betta's mouth! 

These are schooling species, so get 5-6.

Checkout our Cardinal Tetras  HERE 


2. Harlequin Rasboras

One of my all-time favorites, with that striking T-bone marking. 

Extremely hardy fish that seamlessly coexist with bettas in community tanks. 

Another must-keep schooling species.

Checkout our Harlequin Rasboras  HERE 


3. Corydoras Catfish 

These cool little bottom-dwellers are the perfect cleanup crew - 

Scavenging for leftovers without disturbing your betta. 

Get a school of 5-6 and enjoy their amusing antics.

Checkout our Corydoras Catfish  HERE 


4. Snails 

Unsung algae-eating heroes for small betta tanks! 

Go for smaller ram's horn or nerite varieties in 5 gallons. 

Larger tanks can use bigger mystery snails (just avoid assassins).

Checkout our Snails  HERE 


5. Neon Tetras 

A classic shoaling species that's an ideal animated addition to…

Betta tanks big and small. 

Sometimes bettas even school alongside these lively little tetras!

Checkout our Neon Tetras  HERE 


6. Bristlenose Plecos 

Don't let their monster looks fool you…

These cool, alien-like catfish are safe tankmates. 

They'll help tidy up by grazing on algae, without going overboard.

Checkout our Bristlenose Plecos HERE 


7. Otocinclus Catfish

The dream fish! 

Peaceful algae eating otos that help keep tanks clean, 

Especially in groups of 5-6. 

Just make sure to supplement their plant-based diet.

Checkout our Otocinclus Catfish HERE 


8. Kuhli Loaches 

These bizarre little eel-like scavengers disappear into the decor…

Until you see groups of them wiggling around adding real personality! 

Shy at first but become active tank janitors.

Checkout our Kuhli Loaches  HERE 


9. Platies/Mollies 

Perfect community fish for beginners…

Bright, hardy, peaceful livebearers that do great with bettas. 

Just be ready for loads of baby fish if housing males and females.

Checkout our Platies/Mollies  HERE 


10. Rummy Nose Tetras 

In my opinion, the coolest schooling fish! 

With their striking colors and calm temperament, rummy noses are ideal betta tank mates. 

Get at least 6 for them to feel comfortable.

Checkout our Rummy Nose Tetras  HERE 


There you have it…

The top 10 tank mates that can turn a boring betta bowl into an underwater paradise!

Which of these betta-approved swimmers will you bring home?

Click Learn More to explore our full selection of betta tank mates

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