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Stop Wasting Money On These Aquarium Products!

by Kripa Pokharel 05 Jun 2024 0 Comments
aquarium products

Let's face it !

Fishkeeping can get expensive quickly if you're not careful. 

Between filters, decor, food, and other accessories, costs seem to sneak up... 

To help prevent these money pits…

I asked our community to share the biggest wastes of money they've encountered…. 

The responses were numerous and eye-opening.

If you've been wanting to dive into fishkeeping without emptying your wallet, 

Consider these 9 budget busters to avoid:

1. Avoid oversized canister filters for small/medium tanks 

  Canister filters rated for tanks over 200 gallons are unnecessary and wasteful for aquariums under 100 gallons. 

The extra capacity provides no benefits.

2. Compare prices online vs local fish stores 

Check out the prices and do your due diligence before your buy your supplies.

3. Skip unnecessary small tanks (5-10 gallons) 

 Unless specifically needed for purposes like quarantining fish or raising fry, these small tanks just take up space.

Buckets with air stones can serve as temporary substitutes.

4. Avoid hang-on-back filters prone to issues 

 Filters like AquaClear can rattle noisily, fail to restart after power outages, and allow evaporation if the lid is removed.

5. Don't buy bottled bacteria if you have established tanks 

 The live bacteria in bottled products isn't needed if you can seed the new tank's filter media from your existing cycled tanks.

6. Be judicious with decorations that may need replacing 

Decor you think looks good now may become an eyesore later. 

Going natural with driftwood/rocks can avoid this wasted expense.

7. Test new fish foods before buying bulk sizes 

 Fish can be picky eaters.

 Start with small portions of new foods first before committing to large quantities they may not eat.

8. Match water to the fish's source, not wild habitat 

Trying to exactly replicate wild water parameters is unnecessary if the fish were captive-bred in different water conditions.

9. Disposable cartridges have pros and cons 

 While wasteful for hobbyists, cartridges provide convenience for casual fish keepers prioritizing easy maintenance over cost.

Keeping an aquarium can be an enriching hobby, but it's important to be mindful of unnecessary expenses that can quickly add up.

By following these tips, you can avoid wasting money on aquarium products that provide little to no benefit or may even be detrimental to your finances.

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